Embedding Blueprint

We support businesses in embedding the Blueprint through workshops, conferences and discussion forums.  The Blueprint movement is a rich network of people and organisations that learn from each other with the Blueprint at the centre and includes NGOs, investors, consultants, coaches, think tanks, and academics as well as business.

Immersion workshops

We run a series of 2 day residential workshops designed to give participants a deep understanding of the Blueprint and insights into how to uncover the Purpose of their own organisations. Read more

Coaches and Consultants

We are building an active network of coaches and consultants who have an affinity with the Blueprint and who want to use it in their work with their clients. Read more

Work With SMEs

We have developed workshops specifically aimed at small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to take into account their specific issues and challenges that are distinct from those faced by large corporates. Read more

Research and Academia

We are focused on building the empirical base for more purpose led business and helping disseminate this to current and future leaders. Read more

Dialogue with Wider Society

We work with both business and wider society to harness the power of business to create a better society for all.  We believe business must lead the change, but it cannot do this alone; wider society has a critical role to play. Read more

Interfaith Dialogue

We believe the values in the Blueprint are common across many faiths. We formed our Interfaith group to test this and to discuss the application of faith values to business. Read more

A movement of like minded people

Being part of a movement means that businesses who decide to adopt the Blueprint can learn from others going through the same process: from reviewing and embedding purpose through to encouraging the behaviours necessary for people to be true to that purpose when making decisions.


Why should your business join the Blueprint movement? Read More

Dialogue with investors

Many people feel that the dialogue between investors and companies focuses unhealthily on short-term returns. We have therefore established a forum to engage with the investor community to explore how the Blueprint can be used to broaden and deepen investor conversations.

In the coming months we will be engaging with a wider group of investors to include asset owners and asset managers to explore further how the Blueprint can be used.

Whilst business must lead the change, it cannot do this alone. we also work with other groups to include representatives from wider society to facilitate the change.


We are working with a group of academics to carry out original research focusing on the area of purpose led business and to explore how purpose-led organizations can positively transform society at large.

We are also in dialogue with business schools to try to influence the development of future leaders.

London Business School and A Blueprint for Better Business are holding an academic conference 16-17 September 2016. View our call for papers here.