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March 2016

Conference 2016

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On the 17th of March we held our conference entitled ‘Blueprint in Action’ attended by over 170 delegates. The speakers were drawn from business and wider society. The conference looked at the practical application of the Blueprint thinking and challenging the underlying assumptions that lead to outcomes that are bad for business and bad for society. Read More

Re-Imagining Organisations

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Written by Loughlin Hickey, Senior Adviser to A Blueprint for Better Business

Last week I attended an “Un-Seminar” produced by Jericho Chambers on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). It was entitled The Future of Work is Human. There were a fascinating and stimulating number of presentations and interventions from people with a wide range of backgrounds. Well done to Jericho Chambers and the CIPD for organising such a rich debate. Read More

Financial Transactions Have Human Consequences

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Written by Loughlin Hickey, Senior Advisor to A Blueprint for Better Business

This weekend I went to see The Big Short which does a great job at transporting us back to a time and mood that seemed normal then but disturbing now. Brad Pitt of course gets some good lines – not least as he reminds the ‘winners’ the true cost and consequences of their winnings and who really loses and pays. For me it calls out the stark truth that is timeless. Financial transactions have human consequences. Read More

Blueprint in Action Conference – 17 March 2016

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Our next conference will be on 17 March 2016 and will focus on practical examples of how Blueprint is being used by companies. We’ve drawn speakers from business and wider society such as: Accenture Strategy, the CBI, easyJet, Flood Re, Grant Thornton, Harvard Business School, Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge, Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, The RSA, and Vodafone.

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