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January 2016

Social Enterprise

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Written by Virginie Roell-Lacaille

The terms ‘social entrepreneur’ and ‘social entrepreneurship’ have been around since the 1960s and 1970s, when they appeared in literature on social change. But recently, the buzz around social entrepreneurship has been growing fast, and the notion has become more mainstream. There are many ways of understanding what ‘social entrepreneurship’ really is. One definition is ‘the activity of identifying novel and unique ways of addressing a pressing and social need like homelessness or unemployment.’ (Todres, M. and Lewis, P. (2012) ‘Why Social Enterprise Matters’ in ISBE ‘Social Enterprise’).

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Behavioural Economics

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Written by Narottama Bowden

The underlying assumptions within orthodox economic theory abstract from reality often to under-describe economic processes. Consequently, differences in efficiency and productivity are not considered or explored to result in a limited understanding of economics processes and intra-firm dynamics. The role the labour force plays in the long-term success of business goes far beyond being a productive input into the production process and organisational structures, and management and remuneration strategies, can significantly shape how labour can perform such a role. Read More