Better Business: Better Society


Uniting Corporate Purpose and Personal Values to Serve Society


Business as a force for good

The Blueprint movement is about challenging business to be a force for good. We, as an independent charity, are a catalyst for change. We exist to inspire and encourage companies to operate to a purpose that respects people and contributes to a better society: thereby delivering long term sustainable performance.

We believe there is positive potential for business across all sectors and sizes, but to maximise our impact we focus primarily on large companies that can spread the word. However, whilst we challenge and encourage senior corporate leaders to create positive and sustainable outcomes: we also collaborate with individuals from wider society, investors, NGOs, academics, coaches and advisors, in order to further our thinking and embed the movement.


Our Five Principles of a Purpose Driven Business set out a call to action, whilst our Framework to Guide Decision Making provides a route map to behavioural change.


Share successes and learn from others. The journey to embedding your purpose and encouraging the right decision-making behaviours is better taken together.


Stemming from collective wisdom and intellectual rigour; the heart of Blueprint is the idea that businesses should operate true to a purpose that serves society and respects people.

Purpose and Performance: research into the link between operating true to a purpose and financial performance.

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The Blueprint Conference

On the 17th of March we held our conference entitled ‘Blueprint in Action’ attended by over 170 delegates. The speakers were drawn from business and wider society. The conference looked at the practical application of the Blueprint thinking and challenged the underlying assumptions that lead to outcomes that are bad for business and bad for society.

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The Blueprint Trust is a registered charity. We do not charge for our services. We are funded by donations from charitable foundations and individuals and do not accept donations from business.

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