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Our “Five Principles of a Purpose Driven Business” and “A Framework to Guide Decision Making” provide a route map to behavioural change.  The Principles set out the call to action and the Framework explains how.


We support businesses to embed Blueprint through workshops, conferences and discussion forums,  and through creating a movement made up of a rich network of people and organisations with Blueprint at the centre.


The theme of our last conference in October 2014 was “Putting Purpose into Practice”. Speakers included Sir Mike Rake, President of the CBI, John Kay,  Economist and Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever.

Business as a force for good

The Blueprint movement is about challenging business to be a force for good. We do this by encouraging companies to operate to a purpose that respects people and contributes to a better society, thereby delivering long term sustainable performance.

We have developed practical ways to help businesses of all sizes to be truly purpose driven.

We work with both business and wider society to help, support and challenge business to create a better society for all and in so doing create more sustainable businesses.

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The importance of purpose

It is easy to have a debate about what you do but the bigger debate is to ask why you are doing it? What is the purpose of your efforts?

A business needs to make a profit otherwise it cannot survive – but making a profit is not the purpose of business.  There needs to be a connection between the purpose of the business, the benefit to society and to all the other stakeholders: employees want a job,  customers want the right goods or services at the right price,  suppliers want to be treated properly, investors want a return… purpose is the glue that brings it all together and creates long term sustainable performance.

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Barbara Stocking and Noreen Doyle

Immersion Workshops

We run 2 day residential workshops designed to give participants a deep understanding of the Blueprint and insights into how to uncover the Purpose of their own organisations… Read more

Coaches and Consultants Network

We are building an active network of coaches and consultants who have an affinity with the Blueprint and who want to use it in their work … Read more

Work with SMEs

We have developed workshops specifically aimed at small and medium sized enterprises to take into account their specific issues and challenges … Read more

Who are we?

The Blueprint movement is anchored in an independent charity – the Blueprint Trust.  Our work is not about compliance or regulation… Read more

Our Team

Our team is made up of a small group of paid staff, a group of volunteers who act as senior advisors and the Trustees of the Blueprint Trust …
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The Blueprint initiative is rooted in two beliefs: that business has the ability to do tremendous good and that the values of society should shape the values of business…
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